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SQL Server 2008 will have DATAllergo techology September 17, 2008

Posted by msrviking in SQL Server 2008.

Here is a press release by Microsoft on 9/17 on DATAllergo technology being used in SQL Server 2008. Today there are no bounds for my happiness on the progress that SQL Server has made since the time I had worked on (as far as my memory goes I worked on Sybase 11.x, and SQL Server 6.5).

A quick information on what MS had to say about this,

"Microsoft Corp. continues to rapidly expand the capabilities of its
data platform and is already revealing product road map details
following the acquisition of DATAllegro Inc., a provider of
large-volume, high-performance data warehouse appliances. As part of
its focus on helping organizations manage and access even the largest
quantities of data, Microsoft will offer a new solution based on
DATAllegro’s technology that extends Microsoft SQL Server to scale into
hundreds of terabytes of data. The company will begin giving customers
and partners early access to the combined solution through community
technology previews (CTPs) within the next 12 months, with full product
availability scheduled for the first half of calendar year 2010."

A quick information on what could DATAllergo could do for SQL Server 2008,

"Some info from their website: DATAllegro v3 performs table scans between 0.5TB/minute and 10.5TB/minute. DATAllegro v3 offers new capabilities to handle complex workloads that are a mixture of near real-time loads, long analytical queries and short quick-hit queries. Improved workload management gives queries with low workloads higher priority, reducing the overall workload on the server. DATAllegro also provides a comprehensive architecture with a high-speed loader performing loads at rate of over 1TB/hour. The loading server or landing zone within the high-speed appliance network is used to provide a loading services with a minimal impact to queries being run."

All the best SQL Server!



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