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Sybase to SQL Server migration – Part I September 29, 2008

Posted by msrviking in Migration.

As promised in my earlier post Sybase to SQL Server 2005 migration here is the first post (of several posts) of the migration that was done.

The requirements were like,

1) Sybase version 12.5.4 running on Sun Solaris OS 5.8 to SQL Server 2005 on Windows 2003
2) Migrate objects like tables, stored procedures, triggers, indexes and migrate data from tables

Well, the moment I saw the requirements I was pretty comfortable assuming that this could be a straight forward migration. But yes, my inner thoughts knew that there are going to be of issues that are going to come up and I will have to resolve them one after the other thru’ help from forums, documentation, experiences from my earlier migrations, and so on…..

With this thoughts I started off doing search in my favorite (everybody’s favorite, I hope nobody will deny this at least Wink) search engine Google. There were good number of links that showed up but now I had the task cut out – to filter one by one to best relevance, and save the experiences of the forum members into a document of little relevant links.

After several rounds of searching, reading, assimilating and understand the contents of each reference link I would like to present bunch of important one’s that you guys wouldn’t want to miss.

Links for documentation on migration from sybase to sql server:

Although the link shows up the migration from Sybase to SQL Server 2000, but this is one of the good documents that Microsoft has under SQL Server 2000 resource kit and this turned out to be “Encyclopedia” for my migration strategy]

This link talks about how to deploy the migration strategy on production system or mock production systems. You could download the copy in word format from here.

Few other links which gave me showed the path of experience apart from above links on theory were

1. Making the Move from Sybase to SQL Server by Sayed Geneidy

2. Migrating from Sybase to SQL Server by Denis Goby

Although the links talk about the migration from different Sybase versions to SQL Server versions, I was having the needed information to kick off my work. And in my next post I am going to talk about what all I had to do with the collected information from these links. Until then, enjoy reading!



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