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Visit this, that, these…. December 5, 2008

Posted by msrviking in General.


I was thinking of writing this entry for those who read my blog quite often.

Today morning when I was up from my bed, I was asking myself what would be I posting on my blog today. And there the usual stuff my brain started working  – do this, do that and hey by the way why not say visit this, that, these also…

There are several bloggers (a special mention to my favorite bloggers) who are all industry experts on SQL Server and who write prolificly. I definitely don’t mind sharing the links on my blog of these guys who are great MVPs (and with due respect for who are not MVPs) so that we could learn lot more from others experiences too.

With this note, I intend to say that you may see or you probably are seeing links to other bloggers apart from my own posts. So please go ahead and read to fill in the information which you probably would love to have always.

Okay, all speech over and now here are bunch of links you will want visit for today.

1) Buck Woody has wonderful entries, and here is another one you will want to visit.

2) James L has good post and also the one which inspired me to write the above speech (don’t quote me anywhere :)).

Happy Reading, cheers!



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