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Running Profiler on SQL Server 2000 May 18, 2009

Posted by msrviking in DB Administration.

Sometime last week I was asked by one my of team guys, on how to run profiler on SQL Server 2000 without providing sysadmin rights to the login which would run the profiler. Well here are couple of thoughts I had shared with my teammate.

1. In SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 you could run the trace /profiler by providing explicit permissions to run the traces.  The syntax is as such

USE master

2. In SQL Server 2000 this isn’t possible and one has to give sysadmin permissions to the user that would run the profiler. Unfortunately, this has implications on security issues on any environment because of the kind of rights that are given. So, I tried recollecting on one of the ways I tried few years ago. Here is what I responded back (with all due respects to the original idea I had borrowed from),

– Create a new user with strong password and give  sysadmin rights

– Run the profiler from a batch file with the command profiler /Sserver /Uuser /Ppassword /Tx

– The batch file had the user id and the password that was created for the profiler operations

– Converted the batch file into an executable so that the password is not exposed

To get the details of the parameters that could be included with the profiler, in the command prompt use Profiler /? and it would give you bunch of options.

I hope this type of stuff would help you guys too!



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