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Trace skipped records – SQL Server profiler October 28, 2009

Posted by msrviking in Performance tuning.

Recently I was working on performance analysis of a “mystery monster” stored procedure in one of the projects at my shop. I was working on this stored procedure in the usual way I try to pick up pain points of stored procedurs /sql statements. And I decided to run SQL Server profiler to profile the performance of the stored procedure. All was done and profiler ran fine and I could see lot of information captured although not overwhelming. I took a deep breath to understand 2000 lines of profiled data, and as I was scanning through I saw something like this and have never seen it before.

Here is the snapshot which I had in the profiler,


Trace Skipped records

Profiler results


I thought this is something new which I haven’t seen before and took it as learning (partly ignorance too 😦 ).  But, it is so coincident that someone, somewhere had the same problem and this is what I appreciate about sharing information across the globe.  That someone is ScaryDBA  who had the same issue, but he went and dug around on to see what is this all about?  Well here is what he had to say in his blog post – Snags with Profiler GUI.

Learnings – Don’t be ignorant like me and dig around if you find something new else it will be half-knowledge.

Thanks to ScaryDBA for his thoughts!





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