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SQL Azure in. Is my job out? October 30, 2009

Posted by msrviking in General.

I have been mostly with database from the day one I had be in IT field. I worked on MS Access 97 to SQL Server 2008 until date, and wrote millions of lines of code, administered and managed databases in all environments, designed systems to provide availability, scalability and so on. So people know me as a database guy (not to boast about!) in my organization and a lighter side – my lunch box looks like a cylinder – pictorially as a database 😉 so you know now what am I talking about.

All this is momentary where people look at me for any database stuff, but some kind people who really don’t know what I am thinking when all this said around, try testing me asking what will be state of your job if  SQL Azure is going to go full cylinders and we may have loss of business and that means my job is on stake in future.  This question was asked by one of my team mates (an application technical architect), and back was the answer from me spontaneously. I replied back – What does it matter? We (DB guys) shall upgrade our knowledge on technology but the base will remain same and here is what I meant to say the “base” – as long as I (DBA’s) know how to store data, query data and protect data come whatever technology it could be a easy job to catch with technology.

Similar thoughts are reflected in Buck’s post here. It’s very coincident and my thanks to Buck for helping me to think much clearer after reading this through. Do visit the post and feel comfortable about your future.




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