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DB code reviews November 17, 2009

Posted by msrviking in DBA Rant.

Sorry guys, I hadn’t been blogging for past 2 weeks. I was little tied with my work at home and office.

Well, here is what I wanted to share with you all. Yesterday one of the project managers had approached me and narrated this.

” I have bunch of developers who are not good at DB coding. Could you review the code and let us know how it looks and before we go into UAT /Production?. This will help us to perceive the probable problems we will face, and we don’t want to correct /rewrite logic in code instead we want to troubleshoot unexpected performance issues, rather”.

This kind of talk always appeases me and I gave my two cents on how we could go about this. Here is what I could tell the manager.

1. I shall review the code, share my comments on the quality of the code so that the team starts working on fixing the wrong sides right away.

2. I also want to sit with the developer and the module lead so that I share the knowledge of how the code has to be written. If we share review comments it will be only as part of statistics, or facts that code was reviewed but the knowledge of writing better code is left out. It is very essential that we “mend” the minds of the developers to write a code which looks optimal as set-based operation and try avoiding row-based operations.

To my surprise I seem to be impressing the project manager and I could sell my thoughts. I wasn’t looking for selling my thoughts, but I was interested in letting the manager know that how important is DB coding, and how we could correct in this project and in any project wherever these developers go.

Coincidentally, on similar lines if not same, Buck Woody has written blog post here which talks about “Jnan! – Knowledge” on how we could avoid post-deployment performance issues.

Enjoy reading!





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