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SSAS named instance February 2, 2010

Posted by msrviking in Security.

Here is what I have learnt today while configuring a static port for a named instance of AS for one of my clients.

As per best practices for Security guidelines given by MSFT, SQL Server Browser could be disabled and to connect to named instance of Analysis Services we would need a static port. It was fun doing this although there are good steps around in BOL, and few other links.

However for benefit of having this stored in a knowledge repository I decided to list down steps clearly in here.

1) Goto SQL Server configuration manager and over the named instance in the SQL Protocols, click on the TCP/IP.

2) Under protocol table make the “Listen All” to “No”.

3) Under IP Addresses tab, make “TCP Dynamic Ports” to blank from “o” for IP1, “Enabled” value to “Yes”. Also don’t forget to put in a value “TCP Port”.

4) Under IP 2, set “Enabled” to “No”, and in IP All set TCP Dynamic Ports to blank from “o”, and the TCP Port to the port number you want listen.

5) And before restarting the service ensure that you put the port number you want to listen in the server property page of analysis services.

At the end restart the service, and you will have the analysis services named instance up and running, and connecting on your defined port without SQL Server Browser service running.

Some of the links that gave me leads are


I hope this quick post helps. Enjoy!



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