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GDR – What is it? March 19, 2010

Posted by msrviking in Technical Documentation.
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Well in this world, not all time you will know everything. So here is what I learnt today “GDR”.Why on the earth have I realized that I should know about this, that too early in the morning at work (we are working today :()?

A while ago, I was guiding few of .NET developers to customize the T-SQL Static Code Analysis tool available in VSTS 2008 so that we could make it compulsory for the projects that write T-SQL code, follow the best practices (of course customized for my organization). When I was talking to the team who were chosen bunch by me, I happen to mention the word GDR, and bang I got a question “What is a GDR?”. For little time I searched my thoughts, but couldn’t find a reply and in fact I bounced it off the discussion saying that I would get back later.

After 8 months I realized I didn’t tell the guy who wanted to know what is GDR and today I did a little search in Google and found these informative links. BTW, GDR is known for “General Distribution Release”, and you could find more details from these links (Support & Blog).



Vote for the connect item March 19, 2010

Posted by msrviking in Performance tuning.
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Adam Machanic has opened an item in connect to have “missing join predicate” graphical representation to stand-out. Please vote for this, and this definitely makes sense, because even I get lost (as Adam did) while finding “What the heck is happening with the join?”. I voted, so how about you?

Here is where you want to vote.


Tip-Updating Intellisense Cache March 19, 2010

Posted by msrviking in Tips & Tricks.
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I was reading my blog rolls and noticed an interesting tip given by Steve. Its nice to learn new things and that too as tips and nothing could start better for the day as it is with this.

If you want to refresh your intellisense cache in SSMS, use this command – Ctrl + Shift + R. This is especially for the new objects to appear in the intellisense list.


OLTP database for reporting? March 3, 2010

Posted by msrviking in Performance tuning.
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There is a interesting tug-of-war going between the DBA’s and Architects on how to use OLTP database for reporting without impacting performance issue. Although the client has a set solution recommended by us earlier, but due to costs there is a consolidation of databases (not as databases data per se), instead having OLTP database and reporting database (copy or closest copy of OLTP) on the same system or different system.

Well, to justify on what I would think of I was searching in the web on what other DB guys think about all this. A very interesting article, which you will want to read is here. However, I shall definitely share what I would recommend.

Enjoy and Cheers!