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GDR – What is it? March 19, 2010

Posted by msrviking in Technical Documentation.

Well in this world, not all time you will know everything. So here is what I learnt today “GDR”.Why on the earth have I realized that I should know about this, that too early in the morning at work (we are working today :()?

A while ago, I was guiding few of .NET developers to customize the T-SQL Static Code Analysis tool available in VSTS 2008 so that we could make it compulsory for the projects that write T-SQL code, follow the best practices (of course customized for my organization). When I was talking to the team who were chosen bunch by me, I happen to mention the word GDR, and bang I got a question “What is a GDR?”. For little time I searched my thoughts, but couldn’t find a reply and in fact I bounced it off the discussion saying that I would get back later.

After 8 months I realized I didn’t tell the guy who wanted to know what is GDR and today I did a little search in Google and found these informative links. BTW, GDR is known for “General Distribution Release”, and you could find more details from these links (Support & Blog).




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