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How do I see 360° view of my Customers? December 6, 2012

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What does 360° view of the Customers mean? This is one of the first questions that came to my mind when my client had asked us “How do I see 360° view of my Customers”? Trust me, this opened a new world for me where I spent working on core-technical subjects all the time. This is the eye-opener for me into the world of “understanding data from business perspective.” This question didn’t stop me in asking back the customer on what is that he wants to do with the data (for sure I know its all about data at EOD)? My first question started here and I ended in doing the Architecture of Customer Data Integration (CDI) solution.

I am going to walk through several posts on how this journey of CDI or otherwise commonly known as Data Hub had happened. In this post I shall share few links that talk about definitions, architecture, implementation pointers of Data Hub or CDI and what it means to different businesses, CIOs and so on.

I surely have gained lot of knowledge after reading through several articles, blog posts, books, forums, internal and external discussions however not all could be condensed as blog posts. So you would see bundle of links, and of course my views around these articles (per article or all together) so that I too add my experience and learning’s. After all that is what this blog and blogging is about, isn’t it Smile?

So here are few reference links (talks at Architecture and Business levels) that I would want to share to have your thought process to kick-start if you are in search of the meaning or definition of the word CDI or Data Hub or 360° view of the customer?


>> This is one of the most important articles I have noted all over the web. The excerpts in this article is from a book called as Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration for a Global Enterprise authored by Alex Berson, and Larry Dubov. You could find a copy here if you want to own one.

The content of this article was revelation to me on the concept of CDI and I loved reading it. I kept reading the same article several times over a period of time until I published the intended architecture for implementation.

I wish to talk a lot about the article and the book but I will reserve those for other posts where I will pick each of the topics – used as guidelines and talk in detail on how I brought up the architecture. So don’t wait to hit the above link to read more.


This is the next website, where Manjeet has written extensively on how CDI could be adopted, who could adopt, different models, best practices, principles, its relation with Master Data Management (MDM). I would say that one should read further into these topics as a supplementary for the above, first link.


This article gives more or less same information, but was relevant for me so that I could validate on what I was reading. Good one.

This is how I started my journey with CDI, and stay tune to read more. I would probably share more links as and when I dig my mail folders.

Cheers and Enjoy!



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