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What is 360° view of a Customer? January 3, 2013

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A much delayed post as part of my series on CDI (Customer Data Integration). My earlier post had an introduction on “How do I see 360° view of my Customer?” . In this post I shall talk a bit about on what is 360° in business terms, and what it is for a person like me.

There are multiple definitions of 360° view of a customer in a business. Let me pick up an example from the Travel industry and this is the client for whom I proposed the solution. The customer is well known online booking agent, and has booking businesses across several modes of transportation. It starts from a Car Rental to Airline booking, and all this happens through two well known modes of booking – online & offline.

Whichever is the mode of booking, the booking agent website finally deals with the end customer who is either a traveler or a flyer. The business verticals – marketing through customer relationship teams would want to know the “behavior” of the customer. Sadly this type of information could be captured mostly for online transaction than of offline. Hence I could manage understanding only the “online behavior”.

Why does business need a customer behavior? In today’s world everything revolves around interest of a customer and providing an optimal travel package based on his past, recent and probably future interests. Its definitely not in lines of earlier way of marketing and selling pre-packaged travel solutions. So what does a customer behavior mean here? It could be any of these at least, and many more than the below list.

  1. How many times has a registered customer visited and clicked the search flights or other website features link?
  2. How many times has a customer reached a booking stage but dropped off?
  3. What are the type of these customers? Are they regular visitors (registered customers)?
  4. What are the age groups? What season do these customers peak on the website, particular links?
  5. Have these customers done any booking earlier on the website? What are their past transactions (successful, failed, abandoned)?
  6. Have these customers ever interacted with the customer support? How had been the interaction? What is that customer support could be of more help?
  7. How does all the above data help the marketing and sales team? Have the sales and marketing team of different business (travel mode) units made in-roads to a customer need?
  8. And finally, is the customer genuine by his identity – name, age, mobile /cell #, mail id?

These were the key pointers from the business perspective, and what does all this mean to person like me? Here is the list of things that came up as first thought and answers to these helped me in bringing up a solution.

  1. Are there any implemented mechanisms that capture the customer behavioral data?
  2. What are those data sources?
  3. How clean are these data sources? How authentic and genuine are these data sources? Are there any duplication of data or information at a master level. For e.g. Is customer data duplicated?
  4. How many data sources should be dealt to bring that single view of the customer? Is this for master and transactional data?
  5. What are the type of data sources? Are these heterogeneous at data technology and platform levels?
  6. What are different forms of data – structured, semi-structured, and non-structured?
  7. What are the volumes of data or # of transactions that generate data in these data sources?
  8. Finally what is the one key that could be used to tie the transactions, behavior of a customer with that one key?

This post was self-interrogative and pointers to these questions from business and technology team would bring up the solution – architecture, data model, ETL, report design.

Do share what you think or what else could be included?

Cheers and Enjoy!



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