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Who am I – DBA or Database Architect or Data Architect? January 4, 2013

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This post is not about the result that would be shown when I execute the command. There is a command in Unix environment to find the user through which a logon has happened. I am trying to run the same command on based on the context of my work.

Who am I? – I had been always trying to figure out if I am a Database Administrator, Database Architect or Data Architect. Which one of these is the ultimate goal? What should I do to become one of them as the best one out there among the best? What will this all mean in action?

All these questions are at high level, and needs lot of thinking, self-reflection, resolutions, action items, try and implement, evaluate and mark complete. I don’t think this is going to happen in a year or two or little more. It all depends on how quickly one would want to be there – that goal. Okay, now back to my question Smile.

As of today if I could think that I was a Database Administrator (DBA) on SQL Server, Oracle (a bit at least), then DBA-turned-Database Architect. I believe I am still in the path of becoming a complete Database Architect. To be one complete I have set this criteria for myself, and all these are based on personal experiences, interactions, following the industry experts, idols.

A Database Architect can be one complete individual if he /she has

  1. Expertise on one or two of the RDBMS technology or non-RDBMS technology
  2. Expertise on one of the business domains
  3. Expertise on transactional and analytical systems
  4. Expertise on infrastructure management, and architecture
  5. Expertise on application architecture, and few domain specific products
  6. And finally breadth of the knowledge in all these areas, with depth from 1-4

So if one becomes a complete DB Architect, what next? Surely the traits and experience of DB Architect role leads to Data Architect who is the Enterprise Information Management Architect. Don’t ask me on how I named this EDIMA – and neither I checked over the web if I am infringing into someone’s already pro-claimed word of EDIMA.

A EDIM Architect is the guy who would have vision on how the information in enterprise would flow in, and out of the business systems. The Architect would decide the technology, products to be adopted, over short and long term. He /She also would decide on how and what type of data models have to be built. At the end that is all I could think of the ultimate goal and role + responsibility. I am sure I could add more, and if anyone knows better than me, please do feel free to comment.

A link which talks neatly about Data Architect, Database Architect and Database Administrator.

Cheers and Enjoy.



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