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Vision, Mission and Goal of Data Hub January 7, 2013

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In my last post I had mentioned about “What does 360° view of a Customer” mean for Data person like me. To achieve the objective of implementation I had to set the Mission, Vision and Goal.

Vision – A golden record of truth of each customer

Mission – To build a central data hub encompassing all attributes of customer and depicting the business done, through the single view

Goal – Cleansing key customer information to identify single business valid row, gather customer related information and consolidate to a picture, and report the consolidated view for business consumption

These pointers were important for architecting the solution, designing the data model , ETL’s, development of ETL’s, reporting and finally delivering business information to the end-user.

The vision, mission and goal was derived from various Data Hub /CDI implementations in the industry, opinions of CDI experts and of course after detailed study of business requirements.

I shall speak about each point in brief so that one knows what it all means.

In an Enterprise there is definitely mix of different technologies adopted and adapted to various requirements of the business. Each of these technologies surely would have different back-end systems, and these back-end systems are to support structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that is generated by applications, web sites. When there is such a heterogeneous setup, and there are possibilities that the systems are “duplicating” data.

Duplication of data can be two ways – master and transactional, and both cause high business impact with skewed up numbers, erratic and invalid references. Data Hub is a central repository of data coming from various data sources and it is important to find, identify and correct master or transactional data for getting a complete view of a customer. So the vision was to “Identify the Golden Record of Truth of each customer”.

This is not an easy job to technically implement nor to convince the business users who are already using the systems over years.

Now after identifying the “Golden Record” it is necessary to have several and all attributes of the customer which are necessary for 360° view. A short explanation of the mission but further lays the foundation for architecture and design.

The Golden Record with its all attributes for a customer is good enough, however not complete unless it is cleansed at each level and then reported as a complete picture for business users to consume.

All these sound good at 10,000 ft height but becomes as a real challenge when the execution phase is set. I shall walk through as much as possible on on solution and design encompassing these three (vision, mission, and goal) points.

Until then enjoy reading and Cheers! BTW, comments are welcome.



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