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Goal set..what next? January 8, 2013

Posted by msrviking in Architecture, Business Intelligence, Data Integration.
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The last post in this series had Vision, Mission and Goal of building the CDI solution. In here I am going to list down few top rules that are to be adhered for building architecture and design.

The solution should be around these standards

  1. Data Hub or Customer Data Integration (CDI) is a step towards Master Data Management (MDM), hence the solution should have features as much as possible to accommodate an MDM implementation in future.
  2. The solution should have “single truth” of customer information, which would mean data from different data sources should be cleansed and consolidated.
  3. The architecture of the CDI should not miss any of the customer and customer- centric attributes. Note I have introduced a new word “customer-centric”, and its deliberate because CDI is no relevant if the solution is not customer-centric.
  4. The solution and design should meet the pre-defined NFRs (non-functional requirements), and of course on FRs (functional requirements) without having to mention always about it.
  5. The solution should be built so that the downstream activities like design, and development are realized.

I felt its worth bringing up this point and emphasize that solution has to be built and realized. Usually in such large and complex implementations such paths are lost and the pinch is felt later when we production deployments.

So we have high level standards that needs to be adhered for building architecture and design. In my next post I shall mention about the principles and decisions.

Cheers and Enjoy.



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