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Oracle to SQL Server Replication – First steps May 6, 2013

Posted by msrviking in Configuration, Heterogeneous, Integration, Replication.
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There was a request in my shop to setup a Transactional Replication on SQL Server 2012 and the publisher would be Oracle. A known setup in SQL Server – SQL Server, but not straight if Oracle is the publisher. The setup was to be such a way that nothing should be done on Oracle end, and everything should be configured from SQL Server. Sounds good and easy, eh! This was my first thought, but post this exercise I realized that it definitely isn’t that straight forward too and needs a bit of planning, careful installations of dependent features, and at the end has helped me refresh Replication setup knowledge which I didn’t apply for last few years.

In this post I shall share steps to configure transactional replication on SQL Server 2012, and the publisher is Oracle 11g enterprise edition running on Linux.

As mentioned earlier firstly I had to put in my thoughts to see what are the steps are involved, what are the other features or dependent components I need to install before I configure replication. I will try my best to post in few images of installation of any important step, otherwise it would be more of text writing.

Here is the high level activity I put in for sake of clarity and to know where I am. This helps and helped me to judge on how much time would I take to configure the whole setup, whatever in-depth experience I have. A bit of planning and picking the right steps (an approach) did help me avoid some rework.

  1. Environment setup
  2. Installation of Oracle
  3. Installation of SQL Server
  4. Configuration of Oracle Publisher
  5. Configuration of SQL Server transactional replication-subscriber

I shall share few thoughts against some of the above steps, because I realized everything requires few pre-requisites. For e.g. an environment is the box that is needed to run both SQL Server and Oracle, installation of appropriate version and edition of Oracle or SQL Server, drivers and client network /connectivity tools, connecting to Oracle through SQL Server replication and publishing the tables. All sound easy and familiar but things go bad and take few hours more than expected how much so you plan and jot your points.

I shall write details in the next post as part of this series, so stay tuned.



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